What is required to e-smoking

Many smokers do not even know how much money they spend per month for smoking. One or two boxes are quickly bought, and just as quickly, these are also used up again. Who smokes occasionally, is financially very well off here. However, those who daily needs a box, in the month are several hundred euros to the tobacco industry.

But what many smokers are worries not the prices or the large amount of money they put into this habit of life , but the negative health consequences that can result from smoking. Anyone wondering whether there is a cost-effective way , without having to stop smoking immediately, which will soon come to the electric cigarette . This is not only much healthier but offers many smokers become a welcome alternative to the many packs of cigarettes they buy a month.

Who wants to start with the use of an electric cigarette , first requires a so-called starter , he receives cigarettes shop in e. This includes everything needed for electrical smoking. The evaporator , a charger with a battery , and the e liquid that is used for cigarettes, are in this set, as for example, contain the ego w kit. It also includes a charger for the USB port and also for a normal socket use.

Who is not a regular smoker , and first of all want to try and see if the electronic cigarette is personally suited for him, can buy a so-called test set , it also outputs the ego -w series in e cigarettes shop.